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People of Brindisi / Meet the new locals (gli internazionali in città)

Nel sito di Agenda Brindisi la prima rubrica in inglese (curata da Carmela D’Angelo) per scoprire chi sono i «People of Brindisi» e curiosare tra le varie culture. Con un invito ad conoscerli anche attraverso la lingua inglese.

With a growing number of internationals choosing to call Brindisi home, it is high time for a dedicated space for our English speaking friends. A huge thank you to Agenda Brindisi for providing it! Let’s first meet them, one profile at a time, hear their stories and find out what living in Brindisi is like when you are an expat. From adjusting to the very local preoccupation of being ‘hit by air’, to the real struggle of finding a restaurant open for a 6pm dinner. To feeling grateful for the unexpectedly safe, welcoming and wholesome quality of life found here. And if there was that magic wand …

MEET EMMA (Photo) – Where do you come from. Ireland. How long have you been in Brindisi. «One Year». What made you choose Brindisi «We chose Brindisi as I am married to an Italian from Ostuni and Brindisi offers us an opportunity to be close to our Italian family whilst also living in a city that has an airport for ease of travel and an international community. An International School was also very important for the children to continue their studies through English». How many people in your family. «Four». Do you work? My husband works from home for an International company and I invest and renovate properties». Three things you love about Brindisi. «The Port, the fact that there are beaches nearby and that the city is small and easy to get around». If you had a magic wand … «1. I would resolve the school situation with one International school accessible to both Internationals and locals. It is important that the school meets International standards and expectations but also that the internationals integrate into the local Italian community. 2. Implement a strategy to stimulate the rejuvenation of the beautiful old buildings currently lying derelict. 3. The quality of the local food is so good, it would be lovely to have a weekly famers market in the Centro allowing local producers sell their goods and creating a central point for people to gather and socialize».

Best place to eat. «Betty’s Cafe because it serves food all day and does not adhere to the standard Italian meal times / opening hours which do not suit Internationals». Tell me a joke you learned while living here. «Colpa del vento». Best piece of advice for any newcomers. «The process of changing residency and integrating into the Italian system requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Acceptance that this is the way of doing things will make the process easier to manage. Focus on the positive aspects – the food, the wine, the weather and the general passion of the local Italians». Good to know. «Crossing Communities is a monthly appointment at Nervegna Caffè Letterario, in the heart of the city centre, dedicated to new encounters between people who have chosen Brindisi for a period of their life or to stay forever. A networking aperitif to get to know each other, share ideas and meet new friends. The event is on the 19th of each month, at 7:00 pm. The evening is enlivened by live music and local artists».

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