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People of Brindisi / City Life. Get ready for San Martino. Bottoms up!

Halloween may just be over, but if you live in Brindisi, you should know that 11 November is party time for the grown-ups. ‘San Martino’, aka St Martin’s day, is nowadays most often linked to the first tapping of the new wine. Expect jovial food and wine events at bars, pubs and at most local wineries. Comment on Agenda Brindisi facebook pages to share events happening in and around Brindisi!

Meet SuzanneWhere do you come from. «Canada». How long have you been in Brindisi. «3 years». What made you choose Brindisi. «My husband is of Italian descent, from a small town in Molise. We came across Brindisi during our travels and decided that we were ready for a new adventure. We wanted a place with a different climate than Canada’s and so we started looking at houses in the south. We were basically looking for a nice small house near the sea with some land. We came across this quaint little house on an olive grove by Brindisi’s north shores and put in an offer without even seeing it in person. We are quite lucky to be young retirees, so we make the most of exploring the many beaches and towns nearby». How many people in your family. «2». Do you work?. «I am retired». Three things you love about Brindisi. «Closeness to the sea, the port and ease to get around by car or by bicycle». If you had a magic wand … «We would have moved here years ago». Best place to eat. «Betty’s Caffe». Tell me a joke you learned while living here. «No matter what the question is, the answer is always “Va bene». Best piece of advice for any newcomers. «Research the area well and learn the requirements for documents. Don’t be surprised if things take more time than you think».

Good to know – Puglia is one of the few Italian regions with a special tax incentive scheme for new residents. If you have been a tax resident abroad for more than 5 years, your local tax rate may be as low as 10%. You can find more details in Tax incentive to live here.

By Carmela D’Angelo

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