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People of Brindisi / Around the world: thanksgiving without borders

24 November (aka the fourth Thursday of November) marks one of the main annual celebrations for our friends in the USA. Steeped in early settlers’ history, modern Thanksgiving is today essentially a celebration of 4 F’s – family, friends, food, and football, similar themes to those of the “first Thanksgiving” in 1621. Embracing different cultures and traditions is also second nature to Brindisi’s past and future. As for sport, there’s plenty to get your heart racing this year. Check out the famous New Basket Brindisi Happy Casa team and Brindisi football Club championship games.

Meet SamWhere do you come from. «Baltimore, MD, USA». How long have you been in Brindisi. «I arrived at the end of February of this year, so approximately nine wonderful months». What made you choose Brindisi. «I relocated to Brindisi because my wife got a new posting in the area with the United Nations». How many people in your family. «Four». Do you work? «I work remotely». Three things you love about Brindisi. «The weather, the variety of local wine and the beaches». If you had a magic wand … «I would do an Equitable Development project with the locals in mind using their existing resources (port, highways, labour force and infrastructure) growing Private Public Partnerships».

Best place to eat. «This is such a difficult question! Instead, I’ll give you my ‘Ultimate Foodie Day’ in Brindisi: Breakfast at Bar Dalmazia: best cornetti (croissants for the novices) in the whole of Italy. You are able to soak up the vibe of the city in this standing room only café – Lunch at Betty’s Café / Signor Gaetano and his staff make you feel like you are home anytime of the day. I love their “Tris di Mare” and their pizzas – Dinner at Bracerie Escosazio or Don Angus, which are a short distance from one another. For extra decadence, try them both for appetisers and best tasting steak. Deep, rich, red wine pairings are a must. I am personally a fan of GIO Primitivo and 72100 Negroamaro. Don Angus reminds me of Del Frisco Steakhouse, a little home comfort! – Dessert at Pasticceria Gelateria / No one has a better tasting selection of gelatos than Signor Johnny and Signora Marysetta.  They make you feel as though you are walking into your grandparent’s place for ice cream. Tell me a joke you learned while living here. «I must learn some! I’ve only heard a lot of Scottish jokes, and there’s only one Scotsman in town!». Best piece of advice for any newcomers. «Smile!! You will attract whatever you project in Brindisi. I have chatted with young and old, rich and poor, men and women, locals and expats because of this mindset. Be open to new experiences for you and your family. Don’t harp on the “Why” and enjoy the “Now”.

Good to know – Christmas is around the corner and unlike many other countries that celebrate it, you won’t find much in the way of city decorations until well into December. Tradition has it that the Christmas tree should be put up on 8 December, day of Immacolata Concezione, also a national Public Holiday, and taken down after 6 January, day of La Befana.

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